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Apex tell story about "Ex-cop Thomas Malone is serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. He is offered a chance at freedom if he can survive a deadly game of Apex, in which six hunters pay for the pleasure of hunting another human on a remote island. He accepts, and once he arrives, all hell breaks loose..".

Cast : Neal McDonough, Bruce Willis, Corey Large, Alexia Fast, Nels Lennarson, Megan Peta Hill, Trevor Gretzky, Joe Munroe, Lochlyn Munro, Insha Pathan, Sandra McDonald, Kristin Amundrud, Everly Large, Brooke Baker, London Jane McDonough, Clem Duranseaud, Elliott Montello, Sean Roberts, John Phillip Alviz, Mitch Baker, Amy Fox, Laurence Mark Leeke, Leanne Simon, Kaitlind Doig, Jessica Alley, Adam Huel Potter

Available Formats :

  • Runtime : 108 minutes (1' 48")
  • Genre : Action Thriller Science Fiction
  • Production : Head Gear Films Metrol Technology Kreo Films FZ 308 Enterprises BondIt Media Capital
  • Release : November 12, 2021
  • Countries : Canada
  • Languages : English